Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping - or trying to anyway-

An interesting spot with lots of flowers on the windows.
It was one of the few places where there just a handful of people

Took the bus into Lausanne and my first destination was the art store to purchase a sketchbook.Alas,  the art store has either moved or I had envisioned it in the wrong place. No art supplies.

The farmers market was open today, all along the little streets that were hilly with cobblestone walkways. The vegies and fruits looked wonderful. It is Fall and harvest time as well. Some things were very reasonable, and others were quite expensive.

The flowers were vibrant with saturated color. Loved the sunflowers!

Lot of people out today too as it is a gorgeous day.

Couldn`t resist this snapshot of a pigeon sitting on top of this water. The street in the background shows one of the streets in Lausanne. They are all like this. You get a real workout when visiting this city!

Walked up and down the hills looking at all the produce. Stopped at C&A, another dept. store and bought a light jacket to wear in between these cool and warm days. The mornings are rather chilly so I wear my trench coat. But come afternoon and it`s easily a light sweater kind of day.

Didn`t get the art supplies. Did get the jacket. Decided to go home. The bus was during the noon hour and was filled with kids going home for the day. Wednesdays are half days for kids so teachers can have meetings. But most kids do go home for lunch on other days too.

Crooked pictures and no photoshop -
Beautiful day for the farmer`s market. 


Made some lunch and now me and Narceese are just chilling out.
Had some Saint Agur Bleu Cheese - to die for. It is my favorite in the states (buy at Whole Foods only) and there it was in the cheese case at the Coop. This will be gone by this afternoon...

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