Sunday, September 18, 2011


Clouds over the mountains today. Can barely see them. Weather is nice and cool too. Nice change from the hot and humid Florida weather though.
Finally got my train and bus pass that will make things much easier in the transportation department. Went exploring yesterday with my tourguide to Lausanne and to places like Migros and Coop, the home depot and supermarket places. Found art supplies and will probably go back this week to get some canvases, paint and brushes to make a housegift for my teacher hosts. Lausanne is so very culture oriented with art and photography museums, concerts, musicians and artists. I love being here in this atmosphere. Reminds me a lot of Boston.

Planning my trip to Venice now with much more enthusiasm. Will be my first trip there.

And my bad French is at least getting me what I want most of the time. Practice practice.

C`est le temps pour le petit déjeuner - breakfast - tea and croissants et confit, fresh.

And those famous red shoes from Paris purchased on my last trip there are in the top photo. Cute.

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Bon journee -

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