Great day, good intentions, new friends, fab photography people, delicious lunch,  and right now totally wiped out. More later....

3 hours later...
Nice nap. This is a town that is a challenge to walk in. There isn't a street that is flat, -they are all angled up, down, sideways. When one is accustomed to walking on Florida flatlands, this is indeed a workout that one didn't ask for. With that said -

It was a marvelous day for photography and meeting new friends. Enjoyed it tremendously. But I will not bore you with reading about it. Here are some of the photos that I took out of 351.

If you would like to participate in selecting one of my photos for the Photowalk competition...
here's what you will need to do - look through all 18 photos. Pick the one you like best and send me the number of it. OR - Tell me in the comments here at the end of this post. Thanks - your opinion counts and the photo with the most votes will be entered into competition. Come on me out! I need your unbiased, objective view here...
1. Cheese Balls

2. Market Day Lausanne

3. Exhibits posters

4. Cheese Girl

5. Red Flowers

6. Sad Sunflowers

7. Church Interior

8. Pet Store

9. Flower Stall

10. Root vegies

11. Eggplatnts

12- pumpkins

13. Happy Sunflowers

14. CHARD   (I stand corrected, thanks Jay!) -Real Color

15. Flower Girl

16. Stripes

17. metallic girls
ANd there was a last one that I forgot to put in the first time I published -
18. International  Friends

Thanks for your feedback!
And... FYI - I am not fond of competition in the arts, but sometimes it's necessary in order to get people motivated and working harder. For some, competition is a big deal. 

But for me, I am not big into contests, competitions, etc. Every piece of artwork is neither right nor wrong, neither best nor worst. A photograph remember, is the scene as seen (oh that's cute) through the artist's eyes. It is not actual. It is a moment in time (Cartier-Bresson) that happens only in light and will never happen again. It is the reflection of light that the mind translates.

Sounds very esoteric I know, but it really is just that - an expression of the artist's ouvre. 

So ENJOY and whatever your comments, they are all read, assimilated and appreciated. 
I am finding that everyone who has commented so far has 'seen' something totally different 
than what I saw or what others have seen. 

Art is amazing that way, isn't it?