Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wilkommen Christmas in Zurich 2011

You have probably seen these photos in my other blog -  but this is where they originated as my first posting from Lausanne, Switzerland.
You could just meander about here, and click on another post that is on the right side column if you wish to see some different shots of my travels. 

In any event...have fun, travel along with me and enjoy the ride! It was a fabulous 3 months in Switzerland and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Even the cold and damp weather in this first photo is tolerable as I type this from my house in Orlando!

Zurich street 2011

Swarski crystals in stem of glasses Zurich 2011

So festive

This was my Christmas card photo this year 2011

Cold rainy day in Zurich

Swiss Train ON TIME Zurich 2011

Zurich Tram 2011
Christmas toys Zurich 2011

Swaroski crystals 12 in. across Zurich 2011

Pretty window Zurich train station 2011

Zurich Christmas Market 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vevey and the Montreux Christmas Market

 Christmas Market in Montreux. These markets are very popular
this time of year and you will find them all over Switzerland. There are little kiosks that people rent and sell their homemade things as well as food to eat. And WINE to drink.

We had a plate of German style potatoes that totally filled me up. Wash it down with some Gluhwein and you're a happy camper!
There are other photos in this group from Vevey as well. I went to Vevey in the afternoon and then the three of us  took the train to Montreux for the Christmas Market. By then it was getting dark and we were getting hungry not to mention thirsty. 
Some kiosks were inside with a roof but still fun Montreux


Inside decorations - Montreux

Seems that ferris wheels are regular things at Chrismas Markets. Montreux

Gluhwein - or GLOGG (Gloggi in Finnish) Christmas must have. Heat up some good red wine with cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, and all spice. Throw in a little slice or two of orange, a little brown sugar, heat but don't boil. Oh my. Montreux

Pouring us some nice warm Gluhwein! yum - Montreux

Sunset in Montreux along lake

Christmas trees and stuff -Vevey.

Very nice shot of Christmas decor - Vevey.

Nice design - Vevey.

Saw many businesses with trees on both sides of the doorways. Vevey.

Florist with lots of color - Vevey.

Yes that is a giant fork. Why? Who knows...I liked the mountains in the background. Vevey.

GLobes in Vevey - thought of Evan when i did these

Vevey by the lake

Vevey with mountains in the back. Beautiful scenery

purple flowers still growing in the cold weather

Looking down a sidestreet - this was a fun street with lots of little stores.

Window design in a "bed and bath" kind of place. Very pretty

Christmas Circus

Despicable swans all over the place. If they didn't look so pretty I would totally dislike them.
Baked beans in Montreux - cooked in big pottery on a pipe filled with burning wood. Traditional.

Just a little note I found while looking for stuff to put on here. Don't remember when i typed it.
Leaving New Zork
zork??? well yes. i am on a french kezboard right now. challenge number gazllion and one.
the z is a y and the y is a z. i will try to remember this when tzping. it`s not easly. i have to keep going back and retyping or stop when i know there is a y. plus this is a mac platform. havenàt done this in over 4 years.

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Tree at the ISL last evening. They are also celebrating 50 yrs. of being a school here in Lausanne.

Coming back from the school and in front of the train station

Icicles in lights at the train station in Lausanne, Capital of the Olympics

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Niklaus!!!

Huge St. Niklaus on the way up to the Matterhorn. The town's name is actually St. Niklaus (German) 

A lovely tribute to the big guy in a red suit...

 Train station at St. Niklaus.   A snack machine in case St. Nik needs a quick treat.

Nice blurry sign at the train station in Zermatt, which is the end of the line for this train. This makes it official that you are in Matterhorn country. Usually there is at least a foot of snow by now but the winter just hasn't kicked in yet. I'm glad...not fond of walking around in the stuff unless I have skis on.

An old door I found along the walkway that had such beautiful texture. It looked aged and had been around for a long time. The timber across the top depicts a lintel type of construction which is also a common method of supporting doorways from way back in Roman times. this was probably built in the 1800's though.

Streams formed by glaciers melting. Right now there isn't enough snow to supply the reservoirs with water, so the glaciers are the only source. You can see that the water level is quite low. 

 One of my better photos. You may be seeing more of this one. It has good focus, center of interest, linear quality, bokeh and depth of field. You may be getting this as a Christmas card when I get back....

 There was some snow on the mountain peaks, but not much to ski in yet. Skiers are very disappointed.

Matterhorn photo!

 Through the chalet rooftops you could see the Matterhorn peeking above everything.  It really is huge and a person who might be climbing it would not even look like a dot in this photo.

 Signs of Christmas trees and decoration. They really aren't much into the sparkly things here. It is more nature related.

 Another shot of the Matterhorn.  The wire looked like my initial "D"       The town tree was in the process of being decorated when I took this photo.

 The pink stripe at the top is actually a reflection in the train window. I could take it out, but I like how it looks actually...

Sharp pointy mountains = young mountains. Although in a photo you cannot get the scale of the size of these pieces of earth, a person who was standing in the foreground would be a dot.