Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wilkommen Christmas in Zurich 2011

You have probably seen these photos in my other blog -  but this is where they originated as my first posting from Lausanne, Switzerland.
You could just meander about here, and click on another post that is on the right side column if you wish to see some different shots of my travels. 

In any event...have fun, travel along with me and enjoy the ride! It was a fabulous 3 months in Switzerland and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Even the cold and damp weather in this first photo is tolerable as I type this from my house in Orlando!

Zurich street 2011

Swarski crystals in stem of glasses Zurich 2011

So festive

This was my Christmas card photo this year 2011

Cold rainy day in Zurich

Swiss Train ON TIME Zurich 2011

Zurich Tram 2011
Christmas toys Zurich 2011

Swaroski crystals 12 in. across Zurich 2011

Pretty window Zurich train station 2011

Zurich Christmas Market 2011

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