Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Hour! Every hour is happy hour...

Nothing like happy hour...and a good red wine.
On the side is a serving of marscapone and lemon creame that Christopher,y gracious teacher host, made with fresh figs.  To die for.

A rainy morning at the Market. Didn`t stop me from shopping.

Using the small point and shoot camera here...these are the tomatoes, fresh from the farm, that I will use to make tomato sauce. Everything is just picked this morning. 

A few pretty flowers to admire along the way.

A water playground for the children. Right next to the apartment. 

The figs....this is what they look like Kerri! And they were sweet and fabulous. Wish you were here...
Right now the chef and the sous chef are having our wine while cooking up a corn chowder. It is Saturday night and the apt. is near the university where we can hear lots of car horns. The trains go by every few minutes but after awhile you never hear them.

SHOPPING! le nouveau chapeau! Preparing for the cruise...

you will have to wait for the is really different. Anyone remember the red shoes I came home with from Paris on my last trip?

And then there's the European computer keyboard:

zork??? well yes. i am on a french kezboard right now. challenge number gazllion and one.
the z is a y and the y is a z. i will try to remember this when tzping. it`s not easly. i have to keep going back and retyping or stop when i know there is a y. plus this is a mac platform. havenàt done this in over 4 years.

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