Friday, September 16, 2011

MCO to JFK to ZRH a very long day

Ready for the Adventure!

 Plane at JFK just waiting for us to board. Can`t believe this is really happening.

 The carry on bag. Shipped the rest by Swiss Rail thankfully. Carrying just this bag was enough. It did have wheels but I also had a shoulder carry on. Felt like a pack horse.

 Love these clouds.

 Little spots of color show up between the clouds.

 View of New York as we came into JFK.

 These are for my AA friends. A large display in the terminal at JFK. You can tell I had a lot of time on my hands. I have always loved the AA logo. Very sharp and clean.

 I will figure out how to turn this photo so you can see the wing. The whole graphic of this photo is what attracted me to shoot it.

The sunrise really was this color. It was amazing.
Welcome to Zurich, 8am. It was currently 3am in the states. Rise and Shine!

 View from the train to Lausanne. Lot of cows, farms. This was from the correct train by the way. I had taken the wrong train out of Zurich and ended up in a place called Küsnacht. Took train back to Zurich. Found the right one finally. Added a couple more hours to the trip.

View out the windows as we sped by on the way to Lausanne. This was the restaurant car and you could get a little snack, coffee, drinks. After this train I was to take another train for one stop to Renens where I would call home for the next three months. Bienvenue!

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