Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adventure Awaits!

This is an ongoing photographic blog about my travels to Europe, Cayman Islands and around the USA. As I write this I am preparing for a 3 month stay in Lausanne, Switzerland. From there I will be able to visit Italy, France, Croatia and cross the Adriatic Sea a couple of times too. My plan is to keep this blog up so you (and my family in particular!) can follow my adventures on this trip.

I will be visiting the International School in Lausanne as a guest (last time I was a chaperone on one of the trips to Basel with 10 and 11 yr olds Chorale group) and be re-friending my teacher colleagues again. I so look forward to all of this!

My biggest challenge right now, 6 days before departure, is what (not) to bring with me! If I could just travel with one set of clothes, good walking shoes and my camera equipment I would happy. Ah, but alas, the suitcase contains all those "things" that I perceive as needing! Today's objective: eliminate unnecessary items! If I could wear my camera equipment as clothing I would...

Bon Voyage!

Those are the "Guard Geese" - better than a watchdog. They will "beak you" until you give up. And noisy!!

And of course - every day, yes, every day --- Fresh Croissants and bread! Ooh la la.

Lausanne, by the way, is in the French part of Switzerland - the Vaud Canton (district/zone/community) so I get to practice my very bad French and eat all of these wonderful delicacies! Escargots, here I come!

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