Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boat Trip


Ready to take a boat trip to EVIAN,  where water is water and it comes in fancy bottles...
That is the port of Ouchy, point of departure, also the park,  and Lausanne in the background.

 This is departing  gate for EVIAN France - a 35 min. boat ride across Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) to get a drink of water...

The harbor at Evian, France - a Beautiful day to say the least
The waterfront in Evian

The water is so clear you can see the water line of the boat - it is below the dark blue area. See it?

self portrait at Musée Luminiére, Evian

peaceful fishing off the coast of lac Léman

Bow of boat

From the boat coming into Evian. An adorable little town (snapshot)
Where there are sailboats, I will photograph...It was a great day for sailing and there were a few out there on Lac Léman today (Lake Geneva)
The water is so clear you can see to the bottom where it is shallow.

Supposedly there are trout in this lake too. This water in photo is about 8 ft. deep and CLEAR.

More from Evian....

Now THAT is a building mural...

Getting to Geneva from the other side of the lake

 It was a beautiful day in Evian. Eventually I will learn to hold my camera straight...

And I will get to post process these one of these days. For now, they are straight out of the camera.

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