Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Un Autre Voyage au Musée Olympique

 Bienvenue! Went back to the Olympic Museum to take photos today. This site is just beautiful as it overlooks the lake from high on a hill. Climbing the hill takes a bit of doing if you aren`t in shape (guess who) - but there are escalators that will take you up part of the way.

So if you look up at the map here, the arrow is where I was standing while taking this photo. To the left are the escalators but they only go halfway up. Then you are on your own. Having gone to the museum itself last Saturday, I just went into the main entrance for a few minutes and then back out again for lunch at the little house on the left of the map. Cute place, quiet and in a garden. Loverly.

The sculptures were all made specifically for this museum and ares of very high caliber, cast in bronze and carved in granite and marble. Most of the artwork is recent and by artists who are still living.
This partial facial sculpture was so effective as it stood against the sky. It was about 8 ft. across and 10 ft. high. You can almost feel the determination in the jaw of this person. The musculature around the mandible is subtle but tense. This sculpture represents all athletes around the world who participate and support the Olympics.

 The bones of this 12 foot (4 meters) foot as they are positioned at the start line of a race show high tension and force  concentrated into this area by the runner athlete. You can feel the tightness of this foot as it is ready to sprint.

Signage here is outstanding in design. The representative five Olympic circles are like the bubbles in the water that flow over the letters.  The circle symbols seek the higher and higher aspirations of our athletes around the world.

Calm little gardens all around the grounds make this a wonderful place to spend some time. It is peaceful and welcoming to all who enter. It also represents the concept of peace through sports and the unity of all nations to live in harmony.

The eternal flame of the Olympics

PS- As of this writing, my teacher host has graciously downloaded  Adobe photoshop elements on his computer for me. So now I can at least post process and make decent photos for your viewing pleasure.
  Thank you C!!

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