Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sept. 25 Sunday - Turning to Jelly


- off to Lavay des Bains...Spa, Bath, water, sauna, hammams, warm water, cool water, jets for every part of your body....Feel like Gumby.

Back home. Time for a nap. Write later.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Photos taken from the car on the way back from the Baths. Lyn, another teacher friend, generously drove us there and back and introduced us to the Baths themselves. She showed us where everything was and the pools we could use.
Sorry, no photos of the baths but lots from the trip there and back...

There were four pools - temps at 93F, 91F and 88F. 
The one at 106 was the hot tub. Jets for every part of your body abound in every pool.  ooooeeeee.
Then a trip to the saunas and hammams. The saunas were 3. I did the Bio-sauna that had a menthol air, great for breathing. Loved it. Also did the regular sauna. Heavenly. Finnish is a good thing to be! 
Did not do the hammams but Lyn and Christopher did. These are steam baths. 

Then you could select the quiet area - rooms that were glassed in, looking out over the water and the mountains, to read, to nap. Lovely. What`s not to like....

The baths are wonderful, high in the mountains. The air was clear and fresh.

The following pics are on the way back to Lausanne. And if you have followed any of my photos, taking pix from the car is a skill in itself. Had lots of practice...

Terraced vineyards go up the mountainside on the right

House on top of hill. There are more terraces behind the house too

Little towns dot the landscapes and the mountainsides. Bucolic and Pastoral. Gorgeous.

Lavay des Bains is in the mountains - absolutely beautiful. Everything is green and leafy. The baths are surrounded by huge mountains.

On the way back from the baths - Lyn driving us to Lausanne in her adorable new Peugot. 

Little town on a mountainside. You can see the terraced vineyards. Lot of agriculture here.

Snow up in them thar mountain...

A castle that I hope to visit soon- It was where Lord Byron wrote some of his famous poetry. (Remember I am taking these from the car at 72kmph) Sorry it is crooked...I will go back later and post process all pix with photoshop again.
Gas by he way was 1.72chf per liter. That is...about $2.00 per quart. OR...$8 per gallon. I will never complain again. However, the octane is 95 for reg. gas. NICE.

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