Saturday, November 19, 2011


Looks like a booboo town - but it is pronounced OOO-SHEE. And it is very popular with the tourist set, particularly those who like to spend their time on the Switzerland Rivieras of Montreux and Ouchy. These are just a few pics from my visit yesterday which was a beautiful day to just travel about near the water. Mountains still a bit fuzzy, but eventually they do clear.

Be sure to go back to the older posts to see more of my travels here. These below are not my best photos but they do document yesterday's adventure to Ouchy. I also took the metro north to Croisettes just for the ride and to see what was there.  It was cute town but didn't explore it much as it was late in the afternoon and the trains get very crowded on the way home. And on Friday it seems that everyone has a suitcase and is escaping to somewhere in the Alps. Not bad, eh?

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Lunch at a little place on the lake - had crepes Basquaise with vegies and good stuff.
And a glass of wine to wash it down. LOL

The park

It was actually quite cool (cold to me) but a great afternoon to just enjoy

So many swans here - beasty little birds. 

Sunrise this morning over the mountains. This scene lasts all of one minute and if you don't get it then, you don't get it. As the day goes on the mountains are shrouded in clouds. I hear that the only way to get clear weather is to go to the tops of the mountains. I will settle for cloudy right now.

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