Thursday, November 3, 2011


So today was my trip to the MUDAC arts museum. This is a special little museum, at the top of Lausanne, that exhibits current graphic art, cut glass, toys (the Mobil toys that were designed in Germany), clothing and shoe design, and general industrial design, like lamps for instance.
This is by far one of the most interesting places.
Not many pix as it was with the small camera.
thought of Eva when I saw these...Love the sparkle ones on the right middle shelf.

Need some pink shoes to go with Hello Kitty stuff?? They even look ballerina like.

Pick a pair....any pair

If you like typography you will enjoy these 2 photos. Stick on letters on the window...awesome.

Wish I had thought of that....

That's it for today's photos. 
Was getting tired of the mountain photos anyway. 

After the museum visit I went window shopping. Wish i were a gazillionaire...

Bonne journée everyone!

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