Saturday, October 29, 2011


These photos were taken in Lausanne, Switzerland, around 8am this morning as that is when the sun comes up here this time of year. 

It's like getting up in the middle of the night if you have to get up at 7:30am. I have been sleeping in until 8:30 most days when I am in fact used to getting up at 7:15am every day. Amazing.

This whole scene was within 4 minutes, changing rapidly.

 It really did change to this bright orange within minutes and couldn't have lasted any longer than that.

Getting ready to go to school today- International School of Lausanne  to help with room decor for the music dept. 
Accreditation committee trickling in from Tunisia, Connecticut and various other places. They will all be here by this afternoon. 
Big week and weekend at the school. My teacher host, Christopher is head of the school's accreditation committee, organizing events, meeting the NEASC members as they fly into Geneva,  and doing an intensive and  fab job. He showed me the reports and they are awesome. 
Tomorrow is a meet and greet for faculty and admin. I'll be the official photographer for this event. 

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