Monday, October 24, 2011


Of course the ship we are on is not listed on here...but it made a nice photo.
I will try to group photos together that might be of interest here to my readers. There is nothing worse than having to wade through someone's vacation photos that are repetitious and boring. So I suggest that you come back here often and scan through as I have a tendency to add photos after the fact that supplement the 'story.'  Most of the photos have not been post processed, so the horizons may be slanted and colors a bit off. Without further ado...

The CRUISE - began and ended in Venezia.
Ship on right not the one I was on but similar. This canal leads into Venice.

On the ship Voyager of the Seas

Deck 11 or 12 in the Solarium. See below

Lovely place

Venice as we were departing that evening

Free advertising for royal Caribbean


First stop on the other side of the Adriatic. Chilly, cold, windy. Cute little town, very quiet, bells ringing for Sunday. Toured the city early in morning and then back to the ship -
First stop Koper, Slovenia

Don't know what that is, but I loved the texture and the color

laundry is an art all unto itself: colors, shapes, lines - 

think abstract shapes and colors here

Marina at Koper, Slovenia

Beautiful country

Story behind this Croatian hill: was bombed by the Serbs 20 yrs. ago.
Now has a cable car going to the top if you so desire.

This was a sign of what was to come for the next 5 days. Remember this look...

Gelato Gelato Gelato

They LOVE stairs here in Europe

snapshot - I must have been thinking of shooting stone?? 

A Croatian kitty knows where it's warm. Wanted to take him home...

Not sure of date - could be around the 1300's?

view of Croatia from the City Wall that goes all around it. More stairs by the way.
lotta kitties

out of context, but this is what you would see coming out of the train station in Venice. I am thinking that the large Michael Kors thing is from Fashion Week, held here not too long ago

Departure from Venice, beginning of THE cruise

Dbrovnik Croatia

Dbrovnik Croatia  Farmers Market - figs in green box. Lot of smokers in Europe also

Pigeon love - maybe she's giving him an ultimatum - 'I want a commitment here or I will peck you to death'

View from the WALL and yes, I was on it, THAT high

Gives you an idea of the proportions here and the height. Not my favorite thing.

View out of the harbor in Dbrovnik Croatia, my favorite thing, yes. See, I am at SEA level here.
little cafes just like this ALL over Dbrovnik
Leaving Dbrovnik, beautiful sunset
Last stop before anchoring back at Venice where we stayed for a night and was able to
 enjoy Venice at a more leisurely pace.
We were ALL feeling a lot better too. Maybe even have something to eat besides soft boiled eggs and dry toast. That face you saw above? Felt just like that...not fun.

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