Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 5 This Must Be Croatia

Just a quickie from Croatia. Beautiful...Would like to come back and visit sometime when i have more time.
Am alive and well. Sort of. More later.

Will be back in Switz. on sunday. Having a great time. Weather been very good. Taking lots of pix. Can,t put them on here though as I am on an internet cafe computer. Typing this from old town Croatia. Will be going back to the boat to spend the afternoon reading on the deck, having fancy drinks with umbrellas and loving the warmth and sun.

Be writing again when I get back to Suisse

26 Oct 11
I am now back in Suisse. When I last wrote the above I was recovering from a terrible bout of stomach flu. It involved a trip to the ship's doctor, a shot in the butt, meds, restricted diet and quarantine in cabin. The cabin had NO windows and a full day in it was pure torture.  Note to self: get a room with a window, no matter how much more it is.

I am fully recovered from the illness. Yay!

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