Saturday, October 1, 2011

1 October Saturday A Photography Lesson: Snapshot or Photo?

Great day, good intentions, new friends, fab photography people, delicious lunch,  and right now totally wiped out. More later....

3 hours later...
Nice nap. This is a town that is a challenge to walk in. There isn't a street that is flat, -they are all angled up, down, sideways. When one is accustomed to walking on Florida flatlands, this is indeed a workout that one didn't ask for. With that said -

It was a marvelous day for photography and meeting new friends. Enjoyed it tremendously.  
I will not bore you with reading about it. Here are some of the photos that I took out of 351 of them.

 Market Day Lausanne

 Exhibits posters

 Cheese Girl

 Red Flowers

 Sad Sunflowers

 Church Interior

 Pet Store

 Flower Stall

Tubers and Roots



Happy Sunflowers

CHARD  Real Color 

Flower Girl

 International Friends

posted today, 2 Oct. Sunday
Windows and Doors...

Windows and doors are like the eyes of a building. They look out as well as look in. Some windows, like people, you will never have access to. And some doors will open easily for those who pursue. Something to think about.

Large and heavy doors

Glass window at Le Musée de Luminiére in Evian, France

Nice stone pattern adn texture. Note the lintel structure over the left window and the gothic windows inside the doorwaay, porbably built by Romans or Romanesque style.

Doorway to a Nursery School

Artist at work inside gallery

Just meandering around the 
Flon area to notice those things that most people take for granted or never really "see"

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