Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Buffet style here was great.  This was Asian night. Sushi, noodles, rice, etc. 

 Nice example of mosaics which I didn't get to see in Ravenna. I didn't even get to SEE Ravenna. I saw the insides of my stateroom though...

 Tapestry weaving on the stairwells was beautiful.

It's all in the design - lines shapes colors

Elephant on my bed!!

There was a lot more for the Oktoberfest buffet but at this point food just didn't agree with me. Just the fact that I was able to take these shots is amazing.  I'm sure that some other time I might have loved this buffet more and taken more photos too. There was German potato salad, saurkraut, bockwurst, more wursts, cabbage, etc. Stuff that I usually LOVE.

The carved fruit photos I took for Kerri because she was into carving melons and things at one time and thought she would see the appreciation in these works of art.

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