Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lausanne, Switzerland - land of elevations

I never knew a town could be built on so many levels. And to get to each one you have to go UP or DOWN stairs, ramps, hills. They don't believe in flat land unless it's a bridge. And if you know me, you know that I don't like bridges real well either. WAs this going to be FUN for the out of shape Dolores or WHAT???
First thing I did was to get a bus pass ticket. Had to have a passport sized photo for this so I stopped in one of those little booths and for 5CHF (that's five Swiss Francs = about $4) I smiled pretty and snap, my photo. I now have a bus pass - with a photo that rivals my mug shot for the Florida driver's license - for 30 days that I can use all over Switzerland. All I have to do is get on and off the bus. Didn't even have to show it until...the day the bus pass police stopped everyone coming off the bus at my bus stop. So the DO check. The other time I was on a train and they checked too while the train was moving. Unless you don't mind jumping off a moving train, you could get away with no bus/train pass. So if you don't have this so called bus pass, they fine you about 40CHF. Expensive trip. I was safe though, thanks to my host and good friend, Christopher.

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