Thursday, May 14, 2009

Farmer's Market Saturday

I took a lot of photos. Some good, some bad. The weather was not conducive to bright contrasty pictures so most of my photos were grayish. Photoshop can help somewhat, but you can only do some much with what you have.
The link in this post should bring you to many of the photos I took initially in Lausanne. These are the impressions I had within the first few days. We went to the Market on Saturday although it was rainy and cold The flowers pictured, though, were very bright in color. There is also a photo of the infamous Starbucks that I visited at least once a day. Other stores in that area were mostly small stores with very unique purchases. Geared toward tourists. But fun stores.
Two department stores which were the equivalent of a small Dillard's. They carried clothing only and every store had its own specialty.

Meat was displayed rather prominently with entrails and feet still attached. Just couldn't photograph them. I am accustomed to seeing these things all cleaned up and sanitized in a styrofoam package. There was a wide selection of vegies and very fresh. We bought some tomatoes, onions and "rocket." Rocket is actually "roquette" in French - and it's arugula! Good salad greens. Health is very prominent in Swiss living. Many people exercise, ride bikes, eat well balanced meals, very little meat. Walking up and down the hills where the vendors displayed their produce was just a tip of the iceberg when it came to HILLS though. This was my third day in Lausanne.

After the Farmer's Market we took a walk UP to see the Church that is at the very top of Lausanne. The only way to get there is to go up stairs. LOTS of stairs. These stairs were designed for the monks who would have to walk up and down these stairs at least twice a day. One walk up for me was enough. Christopher was hardly out of breath - I was gasping for air. The Church was Protestant, surprisingly. But it was just as old and dusty as any other church in Europe. Enter allergies. Much of the art was Medieval - stained glass, sculptures of saints and gargoyles on the top. The Gothic windows were indicative of the time period they were built. The one thing that brought me back to the 21st century was a column inside the church that was repaired with...of all things...DUCT tape! (see photo above) Even in the Medieval age there was the infamous tape.

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