Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adjusting to European Time, Mountains and the Wash

I did great that first day in Europe. Felt I had won the battle of the jet lag thing. Body told me differently. It took about three days to adjust but after that, it was good sailing. Went food shopping at the COOP, a popular grocery store down the street. I could have stayed for hours reading all the labels and trying to figure out what was what in a language that I was continuously learning about. This was my French lesson for the day...

On a subsequent trip I discovered the infamous ESCARGOTS that Jane had made when I was in Moncontour, France, almost two yrs. ago. I remember the day we went to LeClerc, the French version of Publix and Stop&Shop, and I discovered these escargots in the FREEZER! I pointed them out to Jane and asked if these were the ones she made the other night and she said OF COURSE. "You didn't think I went out in the garden every morning and collected snails for dinner??" Well, YES< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_3">Lausanne. yum yum.

And more escargots later...

Christopher and I took turns making dinners as he was still teaching while I was there. My time was my own and I was able to explore the town of Lausanne. He was a great host giving me directions every morning as to how I could get to where I wanted, what bus to take and where to get off. It was a wonderful adventure every day! I got really good at the bus thing.
As for Kat - we got along just fine as long as he stayed out of my bedroom. My room had large doors that opened onto a patio that overlooked the Alps across the lake. It was fun to see the mountains every morning because they were always different - one morning I couldn't even see them and you would have never known these huge earth constructions were there. Amazing. Then some mornings it was so clear you could see the ski trails from the top of the mountain looking like fingers spreading to the bottom. And yes, it was COLD there. Everything is relative however.
The patio overlooked the train tracks below and also a street with little stores on it. One day I washed some clothes - like my pj's - and put them on the little patio on washing rack in the morning. By afternoon I checked on the wash and guess pj bottoms! They flew off! And to this day my pj bottoms are floating around Lausanne somewhere having a great time I'm sure. Had to buy some sweat pants to wear after that. And no leaving them on the rack without clothespins to secure them!!

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